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New Client

by Server on 2021-11-16

We have updated the server and client parts to the latest version.

update all links from download page https://ussro-ro.com/?module=pages&action=content&path=downloads

Added about 2.5 thousand custom items. But because of this, the old ones had to be turned off (just removed the sprite) This will be corrected over time. The quest for new costumes is in the questroom. (it's about hats, glasses, wings)

use in game, @promo, promocode: 2LQV77O3UT (150 BB, only once)

Our first promo video

by Server on 2021-11-08

Updates 11.4.2021

by Server on 2021-11-05

1. Osiris Card  HP +30 Per 1 Base Level
2. Baphomet Increases damage of long ranged attacks by 15%
3. Doppelganger Card  Gives Max Aspd 
4. Drake Card Matk + 100
5. Edgga Card Maxhp + 10%
6. Moonlight Card Add movement speed 50%
7. Pharaoh Card Str + 7
8. Phreeoni Card Hit + 150
9.Dark Lord Card Hp + 15%
10.Dracula Card
Add Steamed Tongue 12075 drop 1% from any monster 
Add Desert Scorpions 12090 drop 1% from any monster 
Add Immortal Stew 12085 drop 1% from any monster 
Add Dragon Breath Cocktail 12080 drop 1%  from any monster 
Add Hwergelmir's Tonic 12095 drop 1%  from any monster 
Add Cooked Nine Tail's Tails 12100 drop  1% from any monster 
11.Dark Evil Snake Card +7 Int
12.Amon Ra Card +10 All Stats
13.RSX Card +50% hp
14.Sniper Card Add 50% chance 20% atk to HP
15.Ygnizem Senia FLEE+300 MAX HP-10%
16.Vesper Card Dex + 7
17.Detale Card +50% hp
18.Ktullanux Card +50% Water Earth Wind
19.Atroce Card +100 atk
20.Ifrit Cardbonus ATK + 1 per BLVL,Crit+1 per BLVL,Hit+1 Per 2BLVL
21.Kiel Card -50% CDR
22.Berzebub Card +10 Long Range Attack 
23.Satan Card -35% demi-human
24.Entweihen Crothen Card MATK +2%
25.Naght Seiger Card Adds 10% damage reduction against ranged physical attacks
+15% damage reduction against attack Neutral element
Newbie quest at start location now give Sprint Set + Newbie hat(update)! Enjoy!
Newbie Hat Update All stats+ 20 CDR-50% HP+2500 Skill cast time -50% ASPD+20 If base level lower >253LVL  All stats +5 if level 254 an up
Add Couple NPC
Npc Stalker
Branch Arena 
Add wapr to vending zone at warper

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Grand Opening

by Server on 2021-10-23

Welcome all nostalgie player`s! 255/120 2500x/2500x/MVP 1%/CARD5%/Quest`s/Costumes/PVP/PVE/WOE!!!!! We do our best to have great economy at server and make it more than Ro server! We trying repeat a history!We are at best ragnarok tradion!
We open for any country and any player we want to see as much people at our server!

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